Monday, August 27, 2007

Cosmic Insignificance

Author Ray A. Young Bear once remarked that, "Because of the differences of the bilingual/bicultural worlds I live in, it sometimes seems as if what is actually published turns out to be a minute and insignificant fraction of one's perpetual metamorphosis."

This sense of cosmic insignificance still prevalent in modern tribal society, where "the divisions between dream and myth are never clear-cut," stands in stark contrast to mercantilist societies utterly devoid of functional mythologies.

In fact, institutionally dominant narratives of even avant-garde academia are indicative of such limited vision and pervasive bias as to render them essentially ignorant. As elites whose awareness is hampered by the illusion of inclusion fostered by the interdisciplinary assemblage of fields founded on this fundamental ignorance, the dominant perspectives become in practice knowledge systems of the unknowing.


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