Sunday, August 12, 2007

New College Intervention

Research assistance provided to faculty and students attempting to democratize the small private college in San Francisco has rapidly developed into a model of investigative research applied in a netwar environment. Responding to the July 17 request for help in contextualizing the imminent conflict between faculty and trustees, Bay Area volunteers mentored activist scholars in the use of research as an organizing tool.

Operating on the principle of learning by doing, volunteers Alison Burek, Mark Gould, Holly Harwood, and Jay Taber demonstrated how opening lines of communication via electronic mail, telephone, and word-of-mouth could be used to accelerate information-sharing in order to generate spontaneous research and education, as well as to spawn highly creative network organizing and community action.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear New College Community,

In spite of the many problems that New College has encountered, there seem to be an overall agreement to strive for the accreditation of this 'beloved' college. Urgent question: Could this please be done in the BEST interest of ALL students, staff, and faculty? So far, there seem to be an outspoken preference of who should be attending New College and who not. Reading the Skookum blog updated by Spartacus O'Neal: please ask me how it feels to be pointed out as poorly-educated black, while it is clearly condoned by the entire NCOC community, since there is not one individual coming forward to ask you to refrain yourself from these kind of descriptions. What has happened to our mission to create a sane:), sacred and just environment? Because the college itself is being held accountable and needs a lot of work towards positive changes, the rest of the community is called upon its integrity to get us through this horrible time. I am a proud BLACK student in need and have been an excellent student. I am determined to complete my degree at New College so that I can serve the Bay Area community in the near future. Kathy Voutryras, I may be a "needy" student today; soon I will be a wealthy Alumnus who donates $$ to New College.
There are several students who may not be able to return to their classes this fall and yet there is no one to advocate for them. Who can they turn to and receive the support they need? Without being judged and/or scapegoated? Who will give these students a visual voice? Who can they trust and share their concerns without being called needy, poor etc.
To be honest, one of my main reasons of why I came to New College is because of the reputation that NCOC sees through all the systems of oppressions, even better; because they teach students to break through all systems of oppressions not to reinforce them. We are more than this institution, we are a community and I am wondering where is everyone (with their good intentions?)


A Proud Black Student urging the NCOC community for TRUE solidarity

4:16 PM  
Blogger Spartacus O'Neal said...

Dear Proud

The race card was played by white and black con artists within the New College administration and faculty. We are out to stop them, not you.

12:27 PM  

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