Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sociopathic Fantasy

In the WASC letter to New College dated July 5, 2007, they state:

Under CFR 1.9, institutions have a commitment to accreditation as follows: 'The institution is committed to honest and open communication with the accrediting commission...' The Commission found that New College does not meet this commitment...

The lack of honest and open communication is, unfortunately, a behavior the New College board of trustees is still practicing today. Other than the resignation of president Martin Hamilton, they have not publicly announced any changes in administrative or trustee membership, they have not responded to any of the alumni requests for information about payments to trustee relatives and family members, they have not responded to the faculty demand for an investigation into criminal wrongdoing, and they have yet to make public that the institution is very likely to close in the near future due to WASC and U.S. Department of Education sanctions.

Even holding open houses under these conditions for prospective students making plans for Fall semester is disingenuous at best. The fact of the matter is, the school as an entity of higher education is for all intents and purposes dead at this point in time. The sooner the trustees admit this and start making arrangements to compensate all those who have been grievously harmed by their malign neglect, the sooner truth and reconciliation -- and maybe a reorganized school -- can begin.

Continuing to participate in trustee Peter Gabel's sociopathic fantasy will get them nowhere fast.


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