Sunday, August 05, 2007

Valencia La Mancha

As we were sitting around chatting about the New College implosion, now forcing the trustees to deal with a calamity beyond its control, we started thinking about pending criminal indictments and other fireworks sure to capture our attention on the way to Labor Day. One of those roadside attractions, of course, will be the already begun exodus of employees necessary to running the school, but another element looming on the near horizon is likely to be an absence of admissions for Fall semester, which in itself would bankrupt the college toot suite.

The other idea that crossed our minds was the fact New College doesn't really own anything. The buildings are leased, except for one that is probably mortgaged to the hilt, and the school has no financial reserves. So in the end, which we believe is very near, the narrative of its downfall is all that's left to fight over.

No wonder ex-president Hamilton has started quoting Don Quixote.


Anonymous Sappho said...

Martin said he always identified with Don Quixote. In an interview years ago, he said he admired Fidel Castro. Talk about widely different role models! But identifying with Quixote--does he realize that the man was delusional and harmed the people around him? As I recall, people died as a result of his folly. He tilted at windmills instead of dealing with the true forces of repression during the Spanish Inquisition. The author was imprisoned by the Inquisition himself. The author did not identify with Quixote. It was a cautionary tale.

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