Thursday, November 24, 2011

Village Voice Villainy

When our friends at Prostitution Research and Education took on Craigslist a year ago for aiding and abetting the trafficking of women and children in the sex industry, we wholeheartedly endorsed their efforts. Now that they are taking on Village Voice Media -- owners of the Seattle Weekly, San Francisco Weekly and LA Weekly -- for profiting from the same crime against humanity, we once again applaud their efforts at abolishing this modern form of slavery.

Reading Village Voice Media's lame responses, which range from everybody else is doing it to we only support trafficking of women 18 and older, we are left wondering where they got their PR people--let alone their moral values.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

FBI Fantasy

In The Revealer on Monday, Nora Connor discussed the anti-Islamic bias taught at the FBI academy in Quantico. As part of the curriculum, fostering ignorance and bigotry in America's top law enforcement institution raises serious questions. One question is how effective they can be after being indoctrinated to ignore reality while pursuing fantasy. As I note in the comments section, that hasn't worked so well in the past.

Friday, November 04, 2011

De-funding Globalization

Reading through Bay Area coverage of the Oakland and San Francisco police clashes with anti-globalization protestors this week, I came across a useful suggestion in the Bay Guardian: transfer your funds from bailout bank accounts to credit unions. While this may be nothing new to pro-democracy advocates, it seems the time is right for the millions of us made homeless or jobless since 2008 to begin putting our money where our mouth is.

With direct deposit and online banking available no matter where you put your money, there's simply no reason to keep supporting Wall Street financial institutions.