Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life on the Line

Paul de Armond, the former research director at Public Good Project, passed away peacefully yesterday morning. I have received numerous heartfelt condolences from his peers and colleagues across the country, for which I am very grateful. In time, I will publish more about Paul and his life of public service, but for now I will simply direct readers and friends to information on our blog that illustrates the noble champion that he was.

The Public Good Project wiki includes a brief biography of Paul, and my reflection Looking Back describes how we met. A message from Paul's friend Jane Kramer at The New Yorker magazine was sent on the eve of Paul being awarded the 2001 Whatcom Human Rights Task Force award, presented by Kurt Russo of the Lummi Treaty Protection Task Force. 

Jane's message was read at the awards dinner by our dear friend, the late Teri Smith. In presenting the award to Paul, Kurt remarked that some people talk about human rights, but Paul put his life on the line. In 1996, Paul was a featured speaker at the Center for World Indigenous Studies conference on The Politics of Land and Bigotry. An April 16, 2013 column at Cascadia Weekly is dedicated to his memory.

p.s. Tim Johnson, editor of Cascadia Weekly, eulogizes Paul in the April 23 issue. The eulogy, A Giant Passes Through, is a fitting and powerful tribute.


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