Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's this all about?

*Public Good Learning Center*
An initiative of the Public Good Project investigative research and education network

The Public Good Project is a volunteer network of researchers, analysts and activists engaged in defending democracy. The bulk of the investigative research conducted by Public Good associates since 1993 has been on the malicious, covert, often criminal activities of the violent right-wing. Public Good interventions also include social conflict where anti-democratic institutions act as though they are above the law.

The purpose of seeking funding for a social conflict learning center is threefold: 1. to pass on the skills and knowledge of experienced investigative researchers, analysts and activists 2. to employ these people as faculty and mentors to other people who are just learning the craft, and 3. to provide a location to regularly connect and confer.

The lessons these mentors need to teach pro-democracy activists, scholars, and journalists -- in order to maintain even minimal social prophylaxis against the anti-democratic movement -- are not at present systematically available. The social conflict learning center will serve to connect presently isolated nodes of the Public Good network as it now exists and grows, as well as continue to support the work of its affiliates and individuals regularly seeking guidance or consultation.
What we are hoping to find by approaching the philanthropic sector with our proposal are a few people to form a working group whose purpose is to fund the startup of the center.

The social conflict learning center does not, perhaps, lend itself to conventional philanthropic measurement. It's purpose, primarily, is to mentor and connect mostly unfunded grassroots activists struggling to protect communities across the country. To what degree paying students might be able to subsidize activist scholars' education is difficult to predict. We welcome serious offers of assistance and advice.

(For more information about the Continuity Initiative, contact Public Good's Administrative Director, Jay Taber. e-mail: )


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