Sunday, September 17, 2006

On Our Way

One of the benefits of the future Public Good Research Learning Center that we did not initially emphasize but perhaps should have, is the information sharing between affiliate organizations and individuals that naturally occurs as a matter of day-to-day interaction around student research projects, fellowships, and guest-instructing by PGRLC faculty, advisors, and mentors. Not surprisingly--as we recruit involvement and solicit ideas during the startup phase--some of this synergy has already begun to happen.

In fact, not only have we just received an offer of support for ten annual research scholarships for our prospective students, but we also were able to connect two leading investigators of international criminal networks involved in producing information vital to the US State Department as well as on-the-ground community organizers around the world.

In the end, it is this facilitation of connecting the international with the national, regional, and local--including the lateral collegial networking necessary for cross-pollinating ideas and supporting otherwise isolated efforts--that is at the root of our project. As John Trudell recently remarked, "It's time to synchronize our energy."


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