Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Inevitable Casualties

One of the aspects of our work in social prophylaxis is disseminating a sober alternative to hysterical interpretations of world events. While it can be at times disheartening to see liberals misled into supporting fascist publications like LaRouche's magazine, Executive Intelligence Review, we know we can't save every misguided progressive soul from the onslaught of psychological warfare disguised as secret knowledge.

As scholar activists, our books, reports and online communications are admittedly less titillating than rabid right wing accounts of secret orders controlling weather patterns and world government, but then, we're not in the business of populist propaganda for criminal purposes; we're here to inform. As researchers and educators of the sober left, we do what we can to isolate right wing entrepreneurs and inoculate their target audiences against the toxic ideas they propagate, in hope that we might be able to contain their spreading further into mainstream thought, but we're also experienced enough to know that some will be seduced by the dark side.

The inevitable casualties of psychological warfare.


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