Sunday, October 07, 2012

Liberal Fascism

In the United States, anarchists -- when they're not chaining themselves to banks -- tend to serve free soup in public parks or hold radical book fairs, but in Europe, they are often more aggressive. As Wrong Kind of Green reports, in France, some international anarchist groups are currently used by government intelligence agencies to, "sow confusion and chaos among the ranks of disaffected youth, inciting them to mindless, violent acts that serve the agenda of an ever-encroaching police state."

As useful idiots, some of these anarchists have even taken to threatening anti-war activists like Jean Bricmont. As perhaps the inevitably logical consequence of the legitimization of so-called humanitarian war -- promoted by government-controlled NGOs like Amnesty International USA -- the anti-democratic violence of some anarchists, duped by this Orwellian noopolitik, has ironically turned them into fascists. While this no doubt serves to vent their youthful indiscretion, it also serves to consolidate the tyrannical powers they ostensibly oppose.

As Wrong Kind of Green notes, "Due to the simple-mindedness of their beliefs and stupidity of their actions, Antifa tend to attract naïve and angry youths who turn up at demonstrations in black hoodies in order to provoke police crackdowns and sabotage any meaningful resistance to the current political order." As NATO, the EU and the US escalate invasions and destabilization campaigns against regimes opposed to the corporate neoliberal agenda worldwide, the use of manipulated resentment to curtail free expression will undoubtedly increase exponentially.

As observed in the article,

It is one of the most egregious propaganda achievements in recent history that those who expose the lies that trick the public into perceiving wars of aggression as humanitarian operations are denounced as “fascists”, while those who bang the drums of war are considered to be “left-wing” and “progressive”. This is the general pattern set by the French media complex and genuine anti-imperialist intellectuals have paid the price by being subjected to a veritable witch hunt for their theoretical heresies.

As Wrong Kind of Green warns, the censorship by the left liberal establishment is the path to a new form of totalitarianism.

As it happens, I wrote about the progressive fascist alliance I perceived in Democratic Party stalwarts four years ago, who at the time were engaged in red-baiting those who pointed out that Obama was a committed warmonger. The fact the attack on journalists who refused to drink the Obama kool-aid was initially conducted by an accolite of a noted anti-fascist blogger made the situation all the more surreal.

Then again, the self-admission by the cult spear-carrier that she considered style more important than substance should have been a clue. As it turns out, using that criteria, Obama was the logical choice.


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