Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Private Equity System

As a tool of thievery, the modern state has perfected privatization on behalf of the aristocracy, private equity in this case being the enemy of social welfare. Since the individuals comprising the private equity elite are known, it only makes sense to channel our indignation in ways that hold them accountable for stealing our livelihoods--ways that force them to return our money.

With the big bad bankers hogging the headlines, America's aristocracy has seen smooth sailing for hedge funds and other private equity predations. I've noted this blind spot before, but with political illiteracy at an all-time high, it seemed worth repeating.

The collapse of the modern state as a stable social institution is accelerating beyond most people’s imagination. Although we had early warnings from Argentina and elsewhere, the turbo–charged theft of Wall Street heists and IMF austerity is now reverberating throughout North America and Western Europe.

No longer is colonialism limited to the Third and Fourth World; today, agents of private equity are quickly cannibalizing public reserves set aside for health, education and retirement. As public health collapses in the former superpowers, economic panic and religious hysteria are becoming commonplace.

Earlier generations made sacrifices battling the symptoms of greed, gaining concessions to human dignity, yet leaving in tact the sociopathic private equity system. We now know, however, that the institutions of greed themselves must be conquered if we are to survive. Defeating these institutions that deny us the ability to live decent lives is our greatest challenge.

The private equity system, amassed by greed over many generations, is a formidable foe. It controls our governments, our economies, our lives. Freeing ourselves from its relentless grip requires sacrifices yet unimagined.

As leading humanitarians have noted, this sacrifice is not optional; we will either vanquish greed as the dominant value, or our children will experience horrendous misery and suffering. Indeed, the suffering has already begun. Soon, many more of us will be faced with the choice of struggle or surrender.

While the precepts of privatization have roots in slavery and colonialism, control of mass communication enabled the private equity movement to rebrand itself from slaver to entrepreneur. In the age of the Internet, that brand is coming under greater scrutiny.

For the privileged elites who hollowed out our economy and public treasury through private equity manipulations, looting Social Security is their final foray in re-establishing a feudal society. This IJOC article on private equity media ownership is informative for those of us outside the rapidly-changing industry.


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