Friday, October 01, 2010

The Price of Admission

The Art of the Steal is not only a superbly crafted documentary about high crimes by the rich and powerful, it is also an inside look at the ruthlessness of the philanthropy industry exemplified by the notoriously duplicitous Pew Charitable Trust. For art devotees as well as champions of the underdog, the film is an inspirational story as an expose well done. For anyone who has been trampled on by benefactor bullies like the Pew oil magnates and their money grubbing offspring, seeing this misanthropic bunch of scoundrels get their comeuppance is well worth the price of admission.


Anonymous Evelyn Yaari said...

Amen, Brother. or Sister. The power of Pew has been greatly increased with their IRS-approved change in status from a private foundation to a public charity. As shown in "The Art of the Steal," they achieved the status by literally gutting the core of the Indenture governing the legacy Albert Barnes bequeathed to the nation. More needs to be done to reign in the unbrideld arrogance of Pew.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Nancy Clearwater Herman said...

Excellent review of a really gripping movie. What is also frightening about this situation is the complicity of the press. They did not report what was going on for the most part and never pointed their fingers at the big players and why they were involved.

6:17 AM  

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