Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Ponzi Pattern

When it comes to political con artists, the two main obstacles to Ponzi pattern recognition are illiteracy and immaturity. Illiteracy obscures the fact that temporary public windfalls from Ponzi prosperity are doomed to fall like any pyramid scheme; immaturity deludes the gullible into believing that somehow this time it will turn out differently.

An obvious example of the above can be heard in Democratic Party circles, media and astroturf fronts lauding the good times under Clinton that Bush undermined. What this myth is intended to disguise is that -- like any Ponzi -- there comes a day of reckoning, when the pyramid finally collapses. Clinton set in motion the deceitful deal-making crudely initiated by Reagan, and Bush put them into overdrive. They were all on the same page or team if you will, and now Obama is in charge of cannibalizing the residue in preparation for the next Ponzi. As Barack himself said during his campaign, his hero was Ronald Reagan, and privatization of public assets (like education, Social Security and Medicare) is his mission.

The madmen of Madison Avenue who concocted Brand Obama as a candidate of hope and change knew just how gullible American voters are, and how easily US citizens can be manipulated into supporting con men like Obama. Like the illiterate and immature elsewhere, they desperately want to believe rainbow sparkle ponies will be in their Christmas stockings this year, even though they've always recieved a lump of coal in the past. So it goes.


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