Monday, September 07, 2009

Fired Up

Some of the Obama babies have been sniping at gays for pushing their fearless leader to live up to his promises. A few of these toadies have even posted ad hominem attacks on Cleve Jones, Harvey Milk's right-hand man during the first national equality march thirty years ago. We figure it's time to call Obama and his sycophants to account. For starters, if you haven't watched the videos on the Equality Across America website, it's time you did. Then we can have an intelligent discussion based on fact, not the fear-mongering by Democratic Party pundits.

Jones' speech at the Salt Lake City gay pride clears up the nonsense. Gays and civil rights enthusiasts were fired up by the movie Milk, and energized by the battle against bigotry in the form of LDS-sponsored California Prop 8. As Cleve elucidates in the interviews, when the movement is fired up, you mobilize. This time, for full equality under all civil laws in all 50 states.

And there's only one place you can do that. It's called the National Mall.


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