Thursday, August 27, 2009

Impediment of Conformity

As Dan Junas once said, "It's always worse than you think, and you never know until you look." But first you have to be able to imagine the world might not be what it seems. Given the preconditioning of public perceptions, imagination itself is largely impeded.

I'm referring to the impediment in otherwise conscientious people whose eyes are first opened by perspectives they haven't previously encountered. As an illustration, this memoir I published online managed to persuade a chance reader to reorient herself toward more effective political engagement. Others once did the same for me.

Our colleague Alan Smithee recently posted the White Rose story about perverted personal ambition and political conformity in Nazi Germany. Perverted personal ambition and political conformity is something members of the Democratic Party are soon going to face as the Obama cult falls apart. Perhaps it will be a teachable moment.


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