Saturday, December 08, 2007

Vital Ideas

At the risk of stating the obvious, Public Good Project has conducted public education for some time, and now offers an extensive array of essential discussions in digital format. This online repository -- freely accessible to activists, reporters and scholars -- serves to connect researchers with ideas vital to reorganizing American society.

While presently limited to this informal educational venue, the consultations and correspondence that regularly take place through the Public Good network -- as well as the occasional field research or public intervention -- in reality serve as unmatriculated higher education.

So in answer to a frequently asked question about whether we have considered seeking an endowment to establish a private college for these same purposes, we've determined we are better off -- even more effective -- doing what we already do. As we propose with the Public Good research learning center, we will continue to operate independent of academia and associated institutions. Those who wish to help us improve our infrastructure and outreach can always make a contribution to that.


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