Monday, November 12, 2007

Harvest Time

As recounted here, the two-year investigation of Western Washington University administrators by Public Good research director Paul de Armond, will likely soon be bearing fruit. Forthcoming reports will be linked in Continuity posts as well as archived at Public Good.


Anonymous Holly B said...

Well, WASC came, they inquired, they spoke, they went. They dropped broad hints that "Perhaps New College does/should not want WASC accreditation. The are other routes to Title IV funds and we can help (whatever that means).".

Mostly the students still have not received financial aid due in September and don't expect it anytime soon. It's reached a point where they are saying "Don't bother me, I'm locked down for the exams. there's nothing to be gained by withdrawing without taking the exams having come this far".

With a $14,000,000 reported annual budget and most of the Fall 2007 revenue not even in sight one does not have to be an accounting genius to work out where a million-dollar-a-month drop rate leads when income falters and there are few benefactors.

As for the Law school - it simply does not see what it did wrong - perhaps no-one, least of all the the nation, wants there to be an American public-interest lawschool at this time.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Spartacus O'Neal said...

This post is about another school having problems with arrogant administrators and tyrannical trustees, but since you bothered to write, I'll respond.

America may indeed have its priorities skewed, but running a public-interest institution by perpetrating top-to-bottom fraud has to be about as low as you can get.

Projecting a victim narrative may once have been an effective deterrent posture for New College trustees, but the combined effect of democratization and accountability has pretty much pulled the plug on that malarkey.

10:03 AM  

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