Wednesday, January 17, 2007

From Russia with Love

I'll admit it was a shocker to find how extensively criminality had corroded our society, even fifteen years ago. Most people still have no idea that feds rarely leave their desk or open an investigation without all the evidence dropped in their lap. Nor that almost every police department is involved in covering up crime by political and economic elites.

Seeing how there are literally no resources--public or private--for community organizing against white collar crime, all the people I know have had to forego further investigative research and especially interventions. I suppose this means we might someday resemble Russia in terms of civics, but at least knowledge of the trend enables us to avoid fruitless or life-threatening efforts.

After ten years of our reports circulating the country, all I know is that our network is very small, as is public consciousness. The little success we have had, has been using remedies other than those prescribed by institutions.


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