Saturday, October 26, 2013

Secular Satanic Panic

As Bruce Wilson reports, 14th Century beliefs about demon possession are resurging in the US, especially among young people. While commonly associated with the Evangelical subculture, this "satanic panic" has moved into the secular mainstream.

In addition to public opinion polls cited by Wilson, religion monitors like Military Religious Freedom Foundation have documented that literature associating Jews with the devil is now being distributed by chaplains on U.S. military bases and naval ships.

While right-wing Christianity is primarily responsible for the increasing belief in demons, sensationalist mainstream media contributes to this mental health problem, that in turn feeds such phenomena as homophobia. Combined with U.S. Treasury funding to churches, religious schools and non-profits, this ideological virus -- made lethal by the Pentecostal New Apostolic Reformation -- is now infecting society at large.


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