Saturday, January 08, 2011

Patriots 6 Traitors 0

Frederick Clarkson reminds us that when Christian Patriot friends of Sarah Palin do things like murder federal judges or attempt to assassinate members of Congress, there's a reason. Part of that is brain damage, but the catalyst for Constitution Party members and other vigilantes is demonizing by right-wing demagogues, especially Christian Reconstructionist preachers.

As Chip Berlet observes, there's also a history.

A while back, Paul de Armond -- helping to put the far right into perspective -- examined the logic of Christian Patriot incoherence, and took a close look at the mostly Christian anti-democratic movement in America.

Researcher Devin Burghart notes the response to the shooting by Tea Party and Minutemen militia leaders is that they have no intent of toning down their violent rhetoric. Rather, they are calling for vigilantes across the country to go on the attack.


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