Monday, December 07, 2009

Indigenous Exclusion

Under international law, 80% of biodiversity on planet Earth is the property of indigenous peoples. Their governments, their efforts, and their exclusion by the UN and its member states are not mentioned in mainstream media.

Given the deceitful efforts of the United States government -- as well as UN officials -- to block participation by the International Indigenous Peoples' Forum on Climate Change at the UN talks in Poznan, Poland one year ago, it is unlikely that any agreements by UN member states at Copenhagen can move forward with a likelihood of environmental success. Indeed, given the prominence of carbon market Ponzi schemes on the UN climate change agenda, the only thing the UN conference can guarantee is escalated conflict between nation-states and the indigenous peoples of the world.

In the interests of transnational corporations, UN agencies like the WTO, IMF and World Bank have done their best to annihilate First Nations and indigenous peoples. Until this criminal enterprise is suspended, no progress can be made.


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