Saturday, June 28, 2008

Discussing the Future

Operating from the assumption that government and industry will continue to act irresponsibly, we might want to ask what we can do in our own communities to inoculate our neighbors and ourselves against public panic. One activity we've used to good ends is having discussions based on the future we expect, rather than on the future we hope for. This is not something fundable, nor especially popular, but nevertheless essential to effective community organizing.

Leadership emerges organically out of social conflict, and is aided by good research and education. As an adjunct to inherited wealth, the non-profit industry does not create leaders, but largely promotes those lacking innate ability and initiative into managerial positions. The managerial mindset, which undergirds this sector, is completely syntonic with that of the power elite.

If you're looking for an example of organic leadership, I would recommend reading first hand accounts of SNCC and Mississippi Freedom Summer. These people were fighting for their lives, not for better payroll benefits for manipulating other people's emotions.


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